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10th June 2009

Dear Reon Maslamoney / Kumnandi

Finding a service vendor that is able to adapt, learn and be flexible to the market needs as well as commit to a national footprint from a service delivery point of view is very difficult to come across. Kumnandi has been able to fulfil all these criteria successfully

Kumnandi has been affiliated to iBurst for over 2 years now as a specialist antenna installer, providing a full solution to any iBurst RF enhancement needs on a national scale, which includes supply and fitting of iBurst antennas and antenna accessories i.e. poles and brackets, extra cabling etc... 

Kumnandiís commitment to excellent service delivery is evident in the quick responses they offer to any requests sent from iBurst to them, as well as getting onsite to a client in the quickest time possible Ė several compliment letters received justify this clearly.  Their work has always been of the highest standard and they pride themselves on doing the job correctly and neatly the first time round.  In terms of pricing, Kumnandiís pricing is in lines with iBurst and industry standards.

It is because of these elements and most importantly the attention and dedication given to our clients by Kumnandi that we have continued the ongoing relationship and we would most certainly recommend their services to anyone seeking to use them in whatever form.

Kind Regards


Carlos Da Costa
Customer Experience Manager


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